Thursday, September 30, 2010

Another Closet In The Making

I’m working on my teenage son’s closet.  It is a walk-in closet but it is the tiniest of all the bedroom closets. 

{remember my youngest son’s walk-in closet that is 16 feet long?}

Walkin Closet

Closet at it’s current state:

  • Walls, ceiling, and baseboards are painted.
  • Closet rod and brackets are installed.
  • Shelves and shelving-brackets are primed and painted. {hoping to have installed this weekend}

Closet Self Layout

Here is what my father has to deal with. LOL. 

I make a quick phone call to let him know I’ve got a new project for us and he kindly replies, “Alright. Come on over.” 

I sketched out plans for two shelving units and two shelves.

MDF Closet shelves

And here’s one part of what I’ve sketched out on paper. 

A shelving unit made of MDF.

MDF Dato Blade Cuts 

My dad sets up his Dato Blades on the table saw.

{What’s a Dato Blade?  Several blades stacked together to your determined width.} 

In this case, the Dato is set up for 3/4 inch to accommodate the width of a MDF board.  The height of the blades are adjusted so that it only cuts half way into each side board.

Free Floating Shelf Hanger

These shelving units are going to be a little different from my youngest son’s closet unit.  Instead of setting on the floor, the two units will be anchored to wall.  {by these wooden brackets pictured above} My oldest son’s room has taken on a more modern feeling and I want to carry that over in to the closet.  This is why I used galvanized pipe and chrome brackets to hang his clothes from.

Check back for the final reveal. 

{I hope I’m able to photograph this less than 4 foot closet?!?!?}




  1. I will so be back for the final reveal! I am following you now. I love how you organized your other son's closet! I have a closet just like that in my son's room. Totally inspiring! Thanks.

  2. ooo this looks like it'll turn out great! And I'd be honored if you featured my leaf pillows!! Thank you for asking :)

    Kelsey @ Tattered and Inked

  3. It's going to be great Carrie. I love to see before and after organization reveals. It's my thing. He! :)

  4. I'm excited to see it when it's totally finished.



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